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Balancing Electronics - the units are used where unbalance shall be determined, controlled or compensated.

At tool machines, like e.g.:

• Grinding machines
• Machining centres
• Turning lathes
• Special machines

The balancing procedure is done either fully automatic or manually.

At machines, like


• Agricultural machinery
• Production units
• Electronic motors
• Cars
• Fans for exhausting, cooling, etc.
• Rotors of any type

The balancing procedure is done manually.

Why must be balanced?

At high rotating bodies already small unbalances have a negative influence on the machine and the work piece.

Each car driver knows the problem. When the steering wheel suddenly starts to “judder“ it is high time to have the tires balanced.

If this is not done, safety and driving comfort become poorer, consequential damages (e.g. wheel bearing defects) arise.

Rotors, especially grinding wheels which are subject to constant change as they are used throughout their service life have to be balanced regularly.

General note:

Vibrations make the results worse, e.g.:

• Shorter life-time of the spindle bearing
• Higher wear of the tool.
• Worse tool quality
• Noise
• Fatigue failures (e.g. at welding seams)


Example: Balancing of grinding wheels

Ceramic bounded grinding wheels are not homogeneous. As they are used their diameter is reduced, new unbalances arise. Manufacturing tolerances in homogeneity, parallelism and concentricity result in unbalances. These unbalances cause unwanted vibrations.

Homogenity Parallelism Concentricity

Basic rule: whenever the actual state of the wheel changes, it is necessary to balance.

Examples:  Well balanced grinding wheels improve:
  • When using a new grinding wheel
  • If there is a play in the tool holding system
  • After each change of wheel
  • After the dressing
  • After form-tuning
  • After first use of coolants
  • Form trueness of your work pieces
  • Surface quality 
  • Manufacturing precision 
  • Reduces wear on your valuable machine spindles
  • No load time
  • Gain in production time

Also at tool grinding machines with a normally small wheel diameter and at all machines with CBN or diamond wheels the balancing is necessary and always profitable.

„ it runs smoothly“ is a general term for an optimal condition.

To have a good balance is worthwile in all fields..

Therefore balancing is absolutely necessary!

In the technical field the products on the following pages will assist you with the following:

  • immediate recognition of the unbalance value and position 
  • immediate compensation of the unbalance
  • perfect process
  • cost saving solutions!

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