Order number: Description
3.KSVU.02 For AE-GAP/Crash/Dress sensors integrated in balancers
3.KSVU.03 For external AE-GAP/Crash/Dress sensors (e.g. ASK, ASM, SEP)
3.KSV.0.000.A-02 without external potentiometer and without LED
3.KSV.0.000.A-03 without external potentiometer and without LED
3.KSV.P.000.A-02 with external potentiometer without LED
3.KSV.P.000.A-03 with external potentiometer without LED
3.KSV.P.LED.A-02 with external potentiometer and with LED
3.KSV.P.LED.A-03 with external potentiometer and with LED
general dimensions
l x w x h
125 x 80 x 57 mm

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Please note:
One filter is supplied with each KSVU amplifier.
The filter type depends on the sensor type and the sound profile of the machine.

As an option customized versions are available,
e.g.: analogue output 0-10V, switching output (SPS), supply voltage +15V, etc.


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