Fluid Sensor

Acoustic emission processor

AE-Fluidsensor order number:  3.FS.01.03

If standard sensor solution cannot be mounted


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Properties of the fluid sensor:

  • Direct measurement at the work piece resp. tool.
  • Each machine tool with coolant can be monitored.
  • A later installation of the fluid sensor is possible.
  • Unaffected by noise out of the machine area
    (e.g. bearings, motor, gear).
  • Often one fluid sensor is sufficient for multi spindle applications, e.g. if it is aimed to
    the work piece.
  • Comfortable handling by user friendly display units.
    (KM300, contactScope, contactGuard).
  • AE-GAP/Crash/Dress control reduces the expenditure of time to minimum!


Functionality of the fluid sensor:

Transmission of soundwaves by the coolant.
The coolant is the sound transmission path.
So the AE-GAP/crash/Dress signal, e.g. caused by the dressing noise, goes through
the coolant to the fluid sensor.
There it is detected, -analyzed and transferred to the control unit.
This procedure needs a constant coolant circuit.
It must be ensured that there are no bubbles and the jet of coolant has enough pressure.