Principle of function of the contactless power and data transmission CONLESS for the control of automatic balancing systems

CONLESS means the contactless control of the balancer via communication between receiver (rotor) and transmitter (stator). Power and data for the balancing procedure and GAP/Crash/Dress functions are transmitted.

The power is transmitted inductively from primary to secondary coils in a coil system.

The coil system used for current transmission can simultaneously be used for serial / digital transmission of measured data and commands in both direction.


Power and data transmission CONLESS



  • Transmission of power and data via one system
  • Power range < 1W up to 10W
  • Operating frequency 10kHz, no radio interference suppression approval (FTZ) necessary
  • Non-wearing
  • Suitable for environmental conditions
  • Independent of the speed

Distance „A“:

For standard CONLESS components 5mm (see also installation information page 10).
For CONLESS MINI components 3mm (see also installation information page 11).

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